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Cantonese Course for Expats is designed for expatriate students who know nothing or little about Chinese language and who would like to learn Cantonese to facilitate their life and works in Hong Kong.

This course will focus on oral skills and listening comprehension (writing can also be taught if the student takes private class) . Class activities are proficiency-oriented and are based on certain amount of vocabulary (approximately 800-1000 vocabulary for beginner level, 5000 for intermediate level and 10000 for advanced level)  items and a wide variety of patterns and expressions.



Cantonese Course for Expats is designed to teach non-Chinese speakers to learn Cantonese language speaking to facilitate their lives in Hong Kong. It is particularly suitable for those who want to master Cantonese as their second language.


Course features

This course is taught by private class or semi-private class with the following features,

  • Private classes – we offer private tutoring for single students or semi-private class for a group of students (2-4).  Student will enjoy one-on-one interaction with our qualified tutors (or learn with your friends or family in a group)
  • Flexible hours and locations – classes can be conducted at any time and at any place. You can even take classes in your home!
  • Flexible course curriculum design – you can learn at any pace. We offer an all-around (covering reading, writing, listening and speaking skills) training program or a tailor-made skill-oriented program designed just for you!

Please find the prices at the page of private class.


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