Cantonese for Mandarin Speaker



This Cantonese course for mandarin speaker is specially designed for learner of Mandarin speakers who would like to learn spoken Cantonese for facilitate their life and work in Hong Kong.  The suitable learners should already speak native or fluent Mandarin and can recognize Chinese characters.

Different from Expatriates, learners of Mandarin speakers already have knowledge of Chinese writing and also usually can understand some basic Cantonese (as Cantonese actually shares some same or similar vocabulary and pronunciation with Mandarin), so the course materials and teaching methods used for Mandarin speakers to learn Cantonese is totally different from than of expatriate learners.


Course Contents

Cantonese phonetics, daily conversation topics, pronunciation correction


Course Type and Prices

Group class, private tutoring class or semi-private class

Please find the prices of each type of class at relevant pages of this site.


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