Chinese Reading & Writing


This course is tailor-made for the overseas-born Chinese who have some knowledge or language capability in Chinese speaking but nevertheless have none or little capability in Chinese reading and writing. This course will teach the students to read and write in simplified or complex Chinese and to compose simple compositions in Chinese.

Teaching Method

Our experienced Chinese teacher will design a series of interesting topic for the students to read, discuss and write.  The student will expected to command (recongnize and write) a number of characters every day and to accumulate Chinese reading and writing capability day by day. Students be able to use simplified or complex Chinese character to construct sentences and write simple articles.

Class Type

Group Class:  2-4 persons, HK$360/session (1.5 hours) or
HK$260/session (1 hour).
Private Class: HK$360/ 1-hour lesson. Flexible schedule.


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