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This Mandarin Course for HSK Test is specially designed for those non-Chinese speakers who would like to learn mandarin for the purpose of taking the HSK test. The HSK test is a standard mandarin language test for non-Chinese speakers organized by the Chinese government Hanban. The test result is widely accepted as proof of Mandarin Chinese capability for applying for entering universities or job opportunities in China.

Course Structure and Teaching Method

Before entering into this course, we will do an assessment of your current mandarin capability, and advise you on your suitable HSK target level. The course structure will include three parts: integrated learning, vocabulary writing, simulated questions and past papers practice.
For the integrated learning parts, students will learn a series of specially designed lessons which will cover the vocabulary and expressions required by the HSK syllabus.For the vocabulary writing parts, students will learn to write a certain number of Chinese characters every day to accumulate the writing capability required by the HSK test.For the past papers practice parts, the tutor will help the students to go through the past papers one by one and to practice on the questions. Students will also take mock exams. 


Performance Objectives 

By integrated learning, students will enormously enlarge their vocabulary both orally and in writing, learn to organize sentences with vocabulary and expressions in a proper and accurate manner.

By writing practice, students will accumulate their capability of writing Chinese characters, and will crack the most most difficult part of HSK exam for foreigners–writing Chinese characters.

By simulated questions practice and mock exam, the students will be very familiar with the HSK test formality, to be able to well command the HSK required vocabulary and expressions, to enormously improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing capability in mandarin Chinese.


Course Type

This course of Mandarin for HSK Test is taught by private tutoring class

You can find the class price at the webpage of Private Class.


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