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This course is designed for those who can speak Cantonese dialect of Chinese but cannot speak Mandarin.  As Cantonese after all is a dialect of Chinese language, it shares the same written language with mandarin and shares many spoken language the same with or similar to Mandarin. Cantonese speaker should use different course materials and use different teaching method from that of non-Chinese speakers for Mandarin learning.

The course Mandarin for Cantonese Speaker is suitable for both local Cantonese speaker in Hong Kong and overseas Chinese who speaks can Cantonese but not Mandarin. During the past years, we have developed the following Mandarin courses for Cantonese Speaker.

Accurate Mandarin – Pinyin and Speaking (说好普通话 -拼音和口语)

This is the a Mandarin course for Cantonese speaker who would like to improve Mandarin speaking for daily life.  The course teaches students the phonetic system (Pinyin) and daily conversations.

After finishing this course, students will be  able to understand and read all the Mandarin syllables, tones and  be able to use all the common sentence structures.  The course is very practical. The tutor will practice Pinyin and daily conversation with students for most of the class time so that students will be able to practically speak Mandarin confidently.

 Intermediate Mandarin – Business Mandarin (中级普通话 -商务语境)

This course is Mandarin course for Cantonese speaker who can speak some Mandarin but need enlarge their Mandarin vocabulary and improve the accuracy of pronunciation, especially in business context.

After finishing this course the students are supposed to be able to speak Mandarin correctly and fluently in business context and in workplace, to improve greatly their general communicative skills in Mandarin and enlarge Mandarin vocabulary, to correct their habitual inaccurate or wrong pronunciation, and to understand the business culture in Mainland China for smooth communication with Mainland business partners.

Practical Financial & Accounting Mandarin (实用金融会计普通话)

This course is tailor-made for professionals in financial & accounting industry whose native language is Cantonese but can speak limited mandarin. This mandarin course aims to improve student’s Mandarin vocabulary in financial & accounting industry and improve their language capability to use them in their daily work.

After finishing this course, students are expected to greatly enlarge their vocabulary and improve their speaking fluency and accuracy, especially in their work and business context.




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