Why Learn with Us

1.  Teachers
All native mandarin/Cantonese speakers with excellent educational background and extensive teaching experience.


2.          Flexible
Students can study whatever they need about mandarin/Cantonese Chineselanguage in Hong Kong Mandarin School
3.          Small Class
Our mandarin/Cantonese class take the form of one-to-one private tutoring or small group of 2-4 students per class.


4.          Result
We pride to see the students learning mandarin/Cantonese with us consistently make remarkable progress with their mandarin/Cantonese learning in Hong KongMandarin School.


5.          Memory
Hong Kong Mandarin School is a friendly place full of fun.


6.          Location
Either in a classroom of Hong Kong Mandarin School located in Centre or at your convenient place, say your office or home.

7.          Teaching Method
Our mandarin/Cantonese class is innteresting, full of fun, communicative and practical, building language confidence.


8.          Tailor-made Course
Before enrolment, we will assess your mandarin/Cantonese Chinese language level, analyze your language needs and design tailor-made mandarin/Cantonese course for you based on you specific needs and background.


9.          Professional
Hong Kong Mandarin School is a specialized mandarin/Cantonese Chinese learning institution.
10.       Making friends
All the students of Hong Kong Mandarin School are also our friends. Many have been our long-time friends after their mandarin/cantonese learning in Hong KongMandarin School.

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