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Business Cantonese Chinese lessons are designed for business people who intend to develop their ability to use the Chinese language when conducting business in China. Our business Cantonese Chinese course for beginners is divided into 3 different levels, ranging from the Beginner Level to Intermediate and Advanced Level, with a wide range of useful topics and learning materials in business activities.

Business Cantonese Lessons (Beginner) The Beginner Business Chinese lessons are for students who have no or very limited  prior knowledge of Chinese language and may not be able to read Chinese characters or speak any Cantonese. You may not know basic Chinese words, and find it difficult  to answer simple questions in Chinese. In this level, you will study Chinese pronunciation and how to initiate or respond basic conversations in business activities such as greetings, introductions, exchanging business cards, etiquette at a banquet, etc.

Business Cantonese Lessons (Intermediate)
The Intermediate Business Chinese lessons are for students who can interact at a slower rate in basic business Chinese communications. You can understand very short and simple texts, or single phrases at a time related to basic business activities.

In this level, you will study topics such as arranging agenda, company visit, introducing product, etc. And you will learn some commonly used sentence structure and about 4000 Chinese characters and expressions commonly used in daily or business situations.

Business Cantonese Lessons (Advanced)

Advanced Business Cantonese lessons are for students who can ask and answer questions and exchange ideas and information on familiar topics in predictable daily and business Chinese situations. You can understand short, simple materials related to basic business tasks. You will study topics related to business Chinese such as business negotiations and sales promotions, and learn to read many business projects, proposals and other documents. You will learn many complex sentence structures and about 6000-7000 Chinese characters and expressions commonly used in daily and business situations.   Class Type and Prices Class Type:  Private tutoring class and group class Class price: see the the price at the pages of private class and group class respectively.

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