Mandarin for Children

Since the founding day, the Children Mandarin is the one of the key courses that Hong Kong Mandarin School provides. We are experienced to design, organize and conduct various Mandarin classes for children of different ages and backgrounds.

We have three kinds of Children Mandarin classes designed for children of different ages and backgrounds, namely, Mandarin Playground which is design for children of very young age (usually under the age of 7), Mandarin for School Children, which is designed for children in international school, and Mandarin for A-level/GCSA.

Mandarin Playground

This program of Mandarin Playground is for pre-school young children or Kindergarten Kids who have no or very little Chinese background. The feature of this Mandarin program is that the language teaching is conducted by way of children activities, such as songs, games, handcrafts, drawing, painting, etc. Children are to learn Mandarin while they are immersed in interesting activities.

Mandarin for School Children

This program is specially developed for students in international schools who need extra mandarin learning supplemental to their Mandarin course in primary school. Our tutor will help the student to improve his/her Mandarin Chinese language capability by assisting him/her to review and practice what he/she learned in the school, and to further expand his/her school learning. By taking this course, school children will greatly improve their confidence and interest in their mandarin learning at school and improve their Mandarin Chinese language capability as well.

Mandarin for A-level/GCSA

This program is students who learn Mandarin in middle/high school and who will need take the examination on Chinese language for their A-level/GCSA test. Over the past years, we have tutored many students to achieve good result for the test of Chinese language in A-level/GCSA. We have accumulated rich experience in teaching Chinese for the A-level/GCSA exam.


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