Legal Mandarin

The Legal Mandarin course is one of the featured courses of Hong Kong Mandarin School. The course is specifically designed for non-mandarin speakers with some Chinese language capability who are working in the legal industry and/or are interested in Chinese law. Our tutors are native Mandarin Chinese speakers who have PRC legal background and who are able to discuss PRC legal issues in mandarin Chinese language with the students.

Course Structure

This course consists of a series of independent legal topics, such as M&A, IPO, litigation, contract. Before class, we will distribute course materials to students which will be focus on a certain topic of the law. Students need read the course materials and prepare for the classroom discussion.

The course consists of 60 lessons as standard. But it can be arranged longer or shorter according to the student’s current Chinese capability and specific needs.

The teaching method of the course will be interactive discussion. The tutor will direct the students to speak on the specific legal topic of that class, either by making presentation, Q&A or by discussion.

By this Legal Mandarin course, students will will learn the legal Chinese language as well as some knowledge about PRC-related laws. The course topics will cover areas such as contract, tort, company law, litigation, international trade, corporate finance, property law, etc. By this legal Mandarin course, the students will not only improve their capability to discuss legal issues in mandarin language, but also improve their knowledge in PRC laws.

Course Materials

We have our specially designed course materials “Legal Mandarin: Cases and Materials”, which is the joint achievement of Hong Kong Mandarin School and some PRC lawyers.

The Course materials consists of a series of cases with PRC background. Example of some topics is set out as follows,

律師和律師事務所                Introduction of Lawyer and Law Firm
合同法和擔保法                    Contract Law and Guarantee Law
公司法                                     Company Law
合資公司                                 Joint Venture
合夥                                         Partnership
保險                                         Insurance
產品責任訴訟                       Product Liability Litigation
知識產權                                Intellectual Property
並購                                        Merger and Acquisition
國際貿易                                International Trade
國際投資                                International Trade
特許經營                                Franchising
银行和金融                           Banking & Finance
公司上市                               Listing in Hong Kong

Course Type and Price

Course will be taught by private one-on-one tutoring, or alternative by semi-private group class if the there are 2-4 student forming a group. The price of the Legal Mandarin course is as follows,

Plan Total LessonsUnit PriceTotal TuitionNote
Plan A20 LessonsHK$489/lessonHK$9,7801. The price is for one-on-one private tutoring;

2. Group lesson: HK$150 for each additional student;

3. A standard lesson is 45-minutes;

4. Class time is flexible to meet your need;

5. Class venue is flexible to meet your need;

6. Transportation cost may be charged for on-site teaching
depending on the actual location.
Plan B30 LessonsHK$469/lessonHK$14,070
Plan C40 LessonsHK$449/lessonHK$17,960
Plan D60 LessonsHK$429/lessonHK$25,740
Plan E90 LessonsHK$409/lessonHK$32,720
Plan F120 LessonsHK$389/lessonHK$46,680
Plan G160 LessonsHK$369/lessonHK$59,040


Enrollment Form

Please click here to  download the Enrollment Form for Legal Mandarin Course.


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