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Hong Kong Mandarin School
I have been studying Mandarin at Hong Kong Chinese University as an exchange student for 1 year during which I took some private Mandarin lessons with Hong Kong Mandarin School.

I learned mandarin there at Hong Kong Mandarin School for about 10 months with the frequency of twice a week, 2 hours each session. I did not have any idea about Mandarin language when first I went to Hong Kong. When I left Hong Kong returning to New York, I could speak on quite  some Mandarin on my everyday life and study.

Actually I was forced to speak Mandarin at Hong Kong Mandarin School. When I tried to speak anything to the staff or teachers at Hong Kong Mandarin School, they spoke Mandarin to me, instead of English (although I knew they spoke good English). So what I can do? I can only speak mandarin although it is really difficult at the first one or two months. Luckily when I could not understand or cannot speak correctly, the tutors will repeated and spoke slowly, or sometimes help me to express.

I highly recommend Hong Kong Mandarin School for those who would like to seriously learn Chinese in Hong Kong. The teachers were patient,experienced and are already kind to assist. The course materials were well prepared. The flexibility of class time also helped me to arrange my time so that I will not miss any class.

Leaning Chinese is not easy work. I will insist on learning mandarin and will not give up.

Hong Kong Mandarin School
I remember when I first arrived in Hong Kong, I could barely differentiate Cantonese and Mandarin, not to say speaking Mandarin. I got panic when a visitor asked me direction at street (I have a Chinese face although I was a French speaker and did not speak even a single Chinese).

But by the end of my first package of 60 Mandarin lessons with Hong Kong Mandarin School, I successfully ordered my favorite drink by speaking Mandarin (lemon tea with no ice), and I could pick up some right words for daily conversations with normal speed, and I could also text my Chinese friends using Mandarin pinyin input.

Currently I'm in another package of 120 private Mandarin lessons in Hong Kong Mandarin School. I'm pleased that I have made a few Chinese friends and I can sometimes practice speaking Mandarin with them and learn some new Mandarin expressions from them. But this alone does not makes me a fluent Mandarin speaker. I still rely on frequent Mandarin classes at Hong Kong Mandarin School to have a comprehensive training of the language.

All of the instructors in Hong Kong Mandarin School are professional and I can feel they truly cares about how my mandarin progresses.

Studying Mandarin helps me understand Chinese and even Asian culture. I'll be spending three weeks in Shanghai and Hang Zhou for my next trip and I can't wait to try my Mandarin in a native speaker environment.
Hong Kong Mandarin School

After I finished my Beginner One Mandarin class I continued to enroll in Beginner Two Mandarin because I really enjoy our Mandarin class in Hong Kong Mandarin School. It's not only productive but also entertaining.

I love my Mandarin tutor Ms. Lily, who pays attention to my Mandarin pronunciation (which is of the utmost importance), corrects my sentences as well as helps me understanding the cultural context of Chinese language.

Lily does a fabulous job by making my Mandarin classes engaging and fruitful. The Mandarin words and phrases stick in my head after she explaining to me with anecdotes and stories. Although Chinese characters are really hard to remember, I can recognize around 400 Chinese characters by breaking them down although I still cannot write all of them.

I feel obliged to recommend Hong Kong Mandarin School to anyone who wants to learn Mandarin in Hong Kong. It's definitely a good investment for who is serious with learning Mandarin.



Hong Kong Mandarin School
I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Hong Kong Mandarin School to anyone who is interested in studying Mandarin in Hong Kong.

I have tried many mandarin classes prior to attending Hong Kong Mandarin School, but failed in learning mandarin invariably either because of the boring course materials or inexperienced instructors. However this mandarin school is well beyond my expectation for the way they deliver the mandarin class and keep me interested and motivated.

The course materials of my mandarin classes are well prepared which are practical and interesting. My mandarin tutor also recommended flashcard, video, iphone app, songs and other interesting mandarin learning resources for my use after class.

Before learning mandarin with Hong Kong Mandarin School, I can only speak on very limited mandarin such as “Nihao”, "Wo Jiao Richard" . Now I can speak quite some topics on daily life and my work in Mandarin Chinese. I can also recognize some Chinese characters although it is not easy work. Also I'm able to express myself in a more clear and organized way and have a in-depth understanding of the Chinese society and culture.

Hong Kong Mandarin School

I'm a Scottish who have been living in Hong Kong for years. I came to Hong Kong Mandarin School hoping to find someone who could help me with my wedding speech(my fiancée is from Shen Zhen, China).
I asked if they could translate my speech into Chinese and train me to read it in Mandarin within one month. I explained to them that I don't have to be perfect in tones, but just to make an effort and show that I'm willing to be part of the new family.
After a few classes I found the Mandarin tones are so hard to grasp and I didn't have the slightest idea of what tones I was pronunciation. Nevertheless, I repeated after my teacher on class and practiced by myself with the recording.
I got soooooo nervous that my mind went blank for a few seconds on my wedding day. But to my great surprise, my fiancée' s parents understand the content of my speech without the help of a translator!!!
Currently I'm taking regular Mandarin classes despite my busy and often changing schedule. Being able to talk to my wife's parents and her Chinese friends gives me a wonderful feeling.

Hong Kong Mandarin School

My company sent me to work in Hong Kong in 2013 and I studied both Cantonese and Mandarin with Hong Kong Mandarin School. I had already studied a little Mandarin in Switzerland before enrolling in the mandarin school. So my level was beginner at that time.


My problem back then was I have studied quite some Mandarin words and grammars but I didn't know how to speak out correctly and not confident to speak at all. I was glad that I took one-on-one mandarin lessons in Hong Kong Mandarin School and have the opportunity to speak enough without fearing that my tones or structures go wrong, plus I could get feedback immediately from my mandarin tutor. My tutor did a good job in encouraging me to speak and correct me to use the right words and expressions in different circumstances.


Now I'm even getting better on Cantonese. The other day I ordered passion fruit in Cantonese and the lady started laughing cause she didn't expect an expat could speak Cantonese and in fact knew the word "passion fruit".

Hong Kong Mandarin School

It's my great pleasure to introduce Hong Kong Mandarin School to everyone who is interested in studying Chinese.


I came to HK six months ago because my boyfriend relocated to work in Hong Kong. Instead of getting a job right away, I decided to take a break and experience HK and study the Mandarin Chinese which I think will be the very important language in the future.


My study at Hong Kong Mandarin School turns out to be very enjoyable. Mandarin is indeed very hard for western speaker, but I feel very proud of myself for carrying on the learning despite all the difficulties with tones and structure. Besides I have the a very good Mandarin teacher who is helpful and excellent in teaching.


We followed the textbook at the first two months, and ditched the book and practiced what learned by discussing various topics in Mandarin.


After that I started preparing HSK3. After all it's good to have a certificate which I can write in my CV. And I can't believe I passed it , and with a high score!


Being able to speak Mandarin opens a new world for me. I'm so grateful to my teacher and the mandarin school. I have recommended my friend to study Mandarin here and now she can also say something in Mandarin.

Hong Kong Mandarin School

I have been living in Hong Kong for six months. I study Mandarin both because of convenience and interest. Although Hong Kong is a multinational city, Cantonese and Mandarin are still prevalent. I can get through by only speaking English, there are some occasions when I get stuck and English just doesn't work. Like one day I took a taxi and the taxi driver didn't know English or the other day I failed in trying to tell a waitress that I want coffee without milk.

The first few weeks were easy and I learned quite a few things like introducing myself and shopping and bargains with street vendors. My teacher insist on pronouncing pinyin and tones as precise as possible, so that I could be understood by people. Thought it is time consuming, it can help me lay a good foundation for future study. After all, it makes no sense if the native speakers cannot understand you.

Now the classes is becoming increasingly challenging. I have to spend more time revising. I believe with the help from my teacher I could reach intermediate level in 4 months.

Hong Kong Mandarin School

Hello everyone! I'm shoko and I come from Japan. I studied Mandarin one year ago at Hong Kong Mandarin School. I'm so lucky that I got a very good teacher. She is about my age, very experienced , very strict but always try to make classes as fun as possible.

On the first day, she explained to me that as a Japanese, I'll be learning relatively fast since I can recognize many characters and similar culture. But tones and sentence structures will be a torture (which turned out to be very true).

Instead of practice meaningless and tedious exercise in the book, my teacher normally prepare extra materials such as translation, pictures and video clips which is very efficient and entertaining.

I believe having a good teacher will shorten your learning time and keep you interested and confident in learning the language.

Hong Kong Mandarin School
I saw the school's ad and signed up classes after comparing different language school. I like my teacher. She is a mainland native mandarin speaker. She has a linguistics master degree and is very experienced.

I had a couple of trial lessons but none of them Wes as good as the trail lesson at Hong Kong Mandarin School. Normally they start with Pin Yin and tedious"ma1 ma2 am3 ma4". I mean, I get the idea of four tones but just didn't feel it. But my current teacher impressed me with striking examples like "mai3 and mai4 and "la1 and la4" She is also aware of the different mistakes made by people of different nationalities.

In addition, she told me that the typical mandarin learning curve so that I'm psychologically prepared.

I'm glad that I made the effort and I hope people who wants to study mandarin get a same good teacher as mine.

Hong Kong Mandarin School
Hi, I'm Jose and I come from Mexico. Currently I'm studying finance in Baptist university as an exchange student. This is my first time in Asia and in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a fast, busy, robust, ever-changing cosmopolitan, I feel refreshed and thrilled everyday.

I also visit Shenzhen and Beijing on holiday. Mainland China is vastly different from Hong Kong, but is equally exciting. I can see there are many opportunities and potential in this old yet energetic country. My father do business with China regularly, he told me doing business with Chinese is more than just studying the language, you also have to understand their culture and was of thinking.

Most of my classmates speak English or Cantonese, so there is not much opportunities for me to practice. BUT there are still many ways to learn the language. I signed up for 60 lessons at Hong Kong Mandarin School,
where I study the language in a slowly but systematic manner.

Occasionally I pick some words from my friend but school-instructor always serves as the core of my study.
Hong Kong Mandarin School
Hello everyone, I come from Germany, I speak English, German and Spanish. I studied mandarin mainly because of interest. Mandarin to me is a very different and unique and beautiful language. I love the way they create characters and meanings behind every character, what's even amazing is that Hong Kong and the Mainland China use different set of characters (simplified and traditional). I love to compare the structures of mandarin with that of other languages to see how languages reflect people's way of thinking. I love to have daily interactions with my private Mandarin tutors at Hong Kong Mandarin School. They are enthusiastic and always ready to help.

Recently I'm reading a book on Chinese history. It's really wonderful to see this "middle kingdom" 's ups and downs.

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