Mandarin for Expatriates – Intermediate

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to do the following:
1. Analyze and compose with Intermediate Chinese grammar and structure.
2. Develop answers to unanticipated questions on familiar material.
3. Employ literary, political, economics and social vocabulary in appropriate dialogues.
4. Interpret simple literary works.
5. Discuss understanding of norms, values, and beliefs in geographical areas where the Chinese language is spoken.

Language Points and Skills

1. Intermediate Selection of Grammar Structures

(1) Time-measure complement
(2) Approximate number indicators
(3) Action-measure complement
(4) Subjectless sentence
(5) Modal particles
(6) Structural particles
(7) Continuous aspect of an action
(8) Aspects of verbs
(9) Comparison
(10) Complements of quantity

2. Oral and Aural Transactions

(1) Response to unanticipated questions
(2) Communicating in Chinese dealing with daily activities to Culture, Politics, Economics, Social issues
(3) Objects in daily life
(4) Summarize a story with a paragraph
(5) Information necessary for daily survival
(6) Current events
(7) Answering questions

3. Political, Economic, and Social Vocabulary

(1) Literary works by Chinese writers from China
(2) Working with descriptions and instructions
(3) Asking and answering related questions to topics

4. Intermediate Literary Works

(1) Short articles
(2) Short modern stories

Example of Communicative Topics

1. Picking Me up at Beijing Airport
2. On the Way
3. At the Hotel
4. The Street of Beijing
5. Going to Canteen
6. At the Bank
7. Being a Guest
8. At the Hospital
9. Making Phone Calls
10. Modern Transportation in Beijing
11. At the Shopping Centre
12. Keeping fit
13. Talking about Education
14. At the Tea House
15. The Parks in Beijing
16. Various “Bars”
17. Emergency Calls
18. Attending a Banquet
19. Talking about Touring
20. Going to Shanghai

Course Type

1. Private Tuition
2. Group Class

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