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See how Mandarin class in Hong Kong Mandarin School goes!


Mandarin lessons hong kong

Mandarin lessons in Hong Kong Mandarin School is full of fun! You never feel learning Mandarin is boring or difficult!

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Children Mandarin Class in Hong Kong Mandarin School

Young children learn mandarin in Hong Kong Mandarin School by songs, games, handcraft, painting and many other activities in Hong Kong Mandarin School. School children take extra Mandarin class with Hong Kong Mandarin School to supplement their Chinese learning at primary or middle school. The children mandarin class is full of fun!


Group Mandarin Class in Hong Kong Mandarin School

Students learn Mandarin in small group class with 2-4 persons. Students learn in class atmosphere and make friends with classmates. The class size is limited to 2-4 so that every students have enough opportunity to speak and interactive with the mandarin tutor. Our Mandarin tutors are all native mandarin speaker who are qualified to teach Mandarin to non-Mandarin speakers.


Private mandarin class in Hong Kong Mandarin School

the 1-on-1 private Mandarin class is full customized to meet your learning need. The tutor will design and conduct Mandarin lessons according to your background, current level and learning needs.

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Semi-private Mandarin Class in Hong Kong Mandarin School

By a semi-private mandarin class, you learn mandarin in a group with your friends, family or colleague who have similar Mandarin level with you. You and your classmates can arrange the class time according to your own schedule.

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Benjamin Mass's Mandarin Class

Ben learned Mandarin in Hong Kong mandarin school for about 10 month s. Taking advantage of his Chinese language capability, he is now working in Beijing as a sales manager for red wine.

learn Mandarin Chinese Hong Kog.jpg
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