Corporate Training Course

Our Experience in Corporate Training

From the establishment of our school, we constantly provide corporate training of Mandarin classes and Cantonese classes to corporate clients. We are experienced in designing corporate training courses for our corporate client to meet the exact language need of our their staffers based on our analysis of their industry and workplace language. We are also experienced in organizing Mandarin/Cantonese classes for corporate clients.

Price List of Corporate Training Classes

Package 1 Person2 Persons3 Persons4-5 Persons6-7 Persons8-9 Persons10 or more
15 HoursHK$330HK$430HK$530HK$630HK$730HK$830HK$930
20 HoursHK$320HK$420HK$520HK$620HK$720HK$820HK$920
30 HoursHK$310HK$410HK$510HK$610HK$710HK$810HK$910
45 HoursHK$300HK$400HK$500HK$600HK$700HK$800HK$900
60 HoursHK$290HK$390HK$490HK$590HK$690HK$790HK$890
90 HoursHK$280HK$380HK$480HK$580HK$680HK$780HK$880
120 HoursHK$270HK$370HK$470HK$570HK$670HK$770HK$870
150 HoursHK$260HK$360HK$460HK$560HK$660HK$760HK$860


1. the above price does not include course material fee, which is HK$148 per 30 lessons;

2. we provide free assessment/placement test.

Course Development

If you choose to learn any of our existing course, there is NO course development fee. Our existing mature course include
Mandarin for Expatriates, Mandarin for Cantonese Speaker, Business Mandarin, Cantonese for Expatriates, Cantonese
for Mandarin Speaker,

If you need us to develop course for your specific industry or specific work post, eg. investment bank, commercial bank,
retail, customer service, brand luxury sale, we will develop such customized course specially for you, and we will charge
HK$200 for each 1‐hour lesson.

Class Time & Venue

The class time/schedule is flexible to meet your needs on pre‐arranged basis. Each class will usually be 1.5 or 2 hours.

The class venue can be at our classroom (free of charge) or your designated place such as a conference room at your company.
If you need the class take place at your designated place which is very far from our school (at Central) we may charge some
transportation cost depending on the actual location of your designated place.

Enrollment Form

Please click to download the Enrollment Form for Corporate Training Course.

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